Visual C++ Special Characters

C++ is a language rich in special characters. 

Visual C++ is one of the few programming languages that uses almost every key on your keyboard. Visual C++ is picky about the keys you press. Notice that the program in the preceding section contains a left and a right brace, { and }. If you were to use parentheses, ( and ), or square brackets, [ and ], in place of the braces, Visual C++ would complain. Make sure that you also distinguish between left and right angled brackets, <>, as well as the forward slash, /, and the backslash, \. 

Be extremely careful to use the characters you are supposed to use. Computers are precise machines without as much tolerance for typing ambiguities as people have. Throughout Visual C++ Programming in 12 Easy Lessons, you will learn when to use each of the characters and what they mean. Until then, be very careful to type the correct characters. 

Visual C++ distinguishes between a capital letter O and a number 0 (zero). Also, a lowercase letter l will not substitute for a number 1. Because you're dealing with a machine, you should type numbers when C++ wants numbers, letters when C++ wants letters, and exact special characters (characters that are neither letters nor numbers, such as brackets and the plus sign) when C++ wants them. 

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