Compiling and Running Your Visual C++ 6.0 Project

Compiling and linking your project:

. Click on Build/Rebuild All

If it compiles and links

successfully, the window at the

bottom of your screen will

display 0 error(s), 0


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To run your program:

Click on Build/Execute HelloWorld.exe.

The following output window should be displayed. When I press any key, the

window will be taken down and the program will stop.

Saving the project:

Click on File/Save All.

Closing the project:

Click on File/Close Workspace.

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What if I have compiler errors?

If you have compiler errors, click the mouse in the window at the bottom of your screen.

If necessary scroll to the top of this window to see your first error message. Click on the

error message. It will be highlighted. Double Click on the message. The statement

corresponding to the error message will be preceded by a blue arrow in the coding

window. In this case I simply typed ct instead of cout. Return to the coding window and

correct the error. Recompile the program.

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