Implementing String Class in C++

The first project that many C++ books discuss in varying details is the development of a character string class.
One of C's primary shortcomings is that it lacks the sophisticated string handling capability. Strings are pretty useful since nearly every program manipulates text data of one type or another. Developing a string class was one of my first C++ projects. I kept on making changes in it as my understanding of C++ grew.

Now, I think I am satisfied with its performance hence I have decided to present it. Even though some readers may not find it useful still I think concepts like this pointer, overloaded assignment operator, copy constructor etc. get clarified in developing the string class.

The definition of the String class begins with the definition of three private variables: size, len and ptr. size contains the currently allocated length of the ptr pointer. len holds the actual number of characters stored in the string. The char pointer ptr points to the location on the heap of the buffer containing the string's text data.

There are lot of member functions which help you access and manipulate string objects. In general, class member functions are made public to facilitate their use by user-defined objects.


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