Creating Cliparts

Many a times we need the same user defined graphic in different applications like MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint etc. Designing the same graphic again and again results in waste of time. The better idea is to save this graphic and use it whenever it is needed. We can save the graphic in a file. But this article shows a different way to save the graphic. This article shows how to and save a user created graphic in a clipart. Once saved in the clipart the user can insert it wherever and whenever he needs it. An object of CMetaFileDC is created. Using this object CMetaFileDC::CreateEnhanced( ) function is called. In the CreateEnhanced( ) function give the filename of '.emf' file which will get created as the second parameter. Draw the graphic in the metafile using the object of CMetaFileDC. Once the '.emf' file is created it can be added to the clipart by following the steps given below.

  1. Open MS-Word application

  2. Select Insert/Picture/ClipArt.

  3. In the ClipArt diaolg box, click on the 'Import Clips' button.0

  4. From the 'Add Clip Art To Clip Gallary' dialog box select '.emf' file created by your appplication. Click on Open.

  5. From the Clip Properties dialog box select the category from 'Category' list box in which you have to add your clip.

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